User Profile Properties Worksheet: A More Useful Version

In helping a group getting ready to launch My Sites and My Profile pages, I wanted to go through the User Properties and review their settings with this group. I went out to Microsoft to grab the MS version of the User Profile Properties worksheet. From my perspective, I was disappointed in it since it didn’t have all the information you needed to gather, didn’t contain any of the default user properties settings, and information was in a different order than how it is in the User Profile Service (UPS) service application screens.

So what I did was go through and document the User Properties for a default install of SharePoint 2010 documenting all settings for all properties. Also, I added a couple columns for additional information. First, I added “System of Record” which allows you to record where the master copy of the data lives. An example may be employee number and its system of record could be the HR system rather than SharePoint. This helps you when you need to make updates to information. Secondly, I added “Update Time” which is where you can record how long it takes information to replicate from the System of Record into SharePoint. In some larger organizations with complex systems, this may be a couple days before the information makes it through the various systems. This helps you to think through what times you replicate information which may help you shorten this replication time.

So here is my copy of the User Profile Properties Worksheet. Please feel free to make comments about any errors, updates, or enhancements you think can be made as you have a chance to use it.

Finally, there is another scenario this worksheet can be helpful! How about for disaster recovery documentation? This form allows you to record all the changes you make from the defaults. So if you ever need to rebuild a farm and need to reconfigure the UPS, you would be able to leverage this documentation. So hurry up and get documenting since we all love to do it (this is a sarcastic remark).

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