MeasureUp downloaded exam not working

MeasureUp provides practice exams which I use to prepare for Microsoft Certifications. One of their options for exams is the ability to download the exam and run it locally. I had trouble running them locally for quite awhile. I thought it was something about my machine but finally figured out the problem.

When I tried to run the “Launcher.bat” used to launch the exam, the application screen would come up and be stuck on “We are configuring the application. This process may take a few minutes.”

The fix is really simple once I realized what it was. Go into the \content directory, right-click on Launcher.exe, choose Properties, and choose Unblock. Choose OK. The test will run correctly now.

See the source image

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2 Responses to MeasureUp downloaded exam not working

  1. Saira M Varghese says:

    Another fix – right click on launcher.bat and ‘Run as Administrator’

  2. Andi says:

    great, worked for me…

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