Maybe just a little more rosemary or thyme

Have you ever had this great recipe that you loved cooking over and over again? You got very comfortable with how to prepare the recipe and get it right every time. With time, something happens with that comfortable recipe and you decide it just is not  as good as it use to be or just does not fulfill your hunger anymore. When this happens, you usually have a couple of options to choose from. Either you can completely skip using the recipe for some time or you start to experiment with the recipe to try to make it better again. So what on earth does cooking and recipes have to do with SharePoint? I am so glad you asked.

So for almost fourteen years, I have been primarily an IT Pro working on infrastructure. Over these years, I spiced up my own personal recipe by moving from being a MS Windows server generalist to specializing in MS Exchange. From there, I have moved into the SharePoint realm which has so many great aspects to keep me busy. Well, I have been working for a while to add a twist to my SharePoint work which is to equip myself to do more on the development side. I believe to be a great SharePoint architect, you need a foot solidly in each camp (Dev and IT Pro).

So why am I telling you this? Over the next months, you will start to see the “recipe” for my blog change just a bit. I have no desire to completely swap out recipes. But I will be trying to mix in more aspects of development while I keep talking about infrastructure. In addition, I continue to work on posting more frequently. I have come to realize it is easier to post more if I practice it regularly. This means regularly making myself sit down to write.

I will be experimenting. I may get it wrong sometimes but my goal is to learn and make it better the next time. So feel free to let me know what you think and how it is going.

About J.D. Wade

Lead Technical Cloud Architect, husband, active in community theatre, love watching movies, have been described as “quirky”, aka “KB Man”
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1 Response to Maybe just a little more rosemary or thyme

  1. Glenn Wiley says:

    Development Lesson #1 – Real development is done in C# 🙂

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