MOSS Search and Hotfixes

In doing a recent Search Proof of Concept for a customer, I ran into a couple errors along the way that needed some fixes and I wanted to document the ones I will be adding to my install documents in the future.  This was a farm environment where there were multiple servers (1 app and 2 wfe) and there were multiple service accounts for each of the different roles within the farm.

First, when trying to create index schedules, “access is denied” errors were displayed.  MS KB 926959 allowed us to get past the error.

Second, when trying to view Search Usage reports, we were prompted for credentials even though the account had permissions.  I found the solution in Jingmei Li’s Blog and it points to .Net 2.0 hotfix 913384 and we got past the error once we installed the hotfix.

UPDATE (May 2008): Now, I would recommend you install .Net Framework 2.0 SP1 rather than work to install the individual hotfixes.

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Lead Technical Cloud Architect, husband, active in community theatre, love watching movies, have been described as “quirky”, aka “KB Man”
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